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Business Activity Statements

Related to the business activity statement is the instalment activity statement, which is used by taxpayers who are not registered for the goods and services tax, but have other tax obligations. An instalment activity statement is also used by entities that prepare a quarterly business activity statement but are required to remit their pay as you go withholding tax on a monthly basis. The business activity statement reporting system was introduced in 2000 as a part of a major tax reform, which also included the introduction of the goods and services tax. The various forms and reporting methods have changed considerably since the initial introduction of the business activity statement.

Customized Tax Return Services

Our process begins by gathering all the vital tax documents and ensuring the accuracy of the available information. We then run those documents through our reliable software that suggests all the exemptions and deductions applicable to your tax returns. The extensive and diligent process of tax filing at Casinglasingla Outsourcing includes:-

  • Collection of income-related documents from Accounting Firms through FTP server.
  • Scanning of documents as images prior to the accounting procedures.
  • Meticulously processing income tax records given period.
  • Adding fuel charges to the relevant areas after keenly scrutinizing the documents.
  • Preparation of tax returns for specific schemes.
  • Updation of final documents in the requested format.
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